About Us

We love flowers!  

Flowers bring happiness, connect us to nature, and brighten up any day!  They express love, affection, thanks, concern, sympathy, congratulations, and just plain thoughtfulness.  Their variety in color, texture, height, shape, size, and lifecycle reflects the beauty of diversity in all things.

At Hidden Ridge Farm we are dedicated to the health of our clients and our world. We cherish our birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Although it’s quite common in the cut flower industry to use toxic chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides, we prefer to protect our environment.  We invest in part-time local jobs to pull weeds and remove pests by hand rather than investing in expensive chemicals. We’ve found that our flowers are beautiful just as nature intended them, without using the chemicals that endanger beneficial insects and pollute our waterways. We also follow best practices in water and soil conservation.

Why pay more for chemically-treated flowers shipped from distant lands, when you can buy American – fresh and natural?