Where to Find Our Flowers

We make our flowers available at only a few, select places where local cut flowers are a bonus offering.  We’ll expand to new places only when we find just the right location.  Let us know if you know a retail outlet that could use a dose of fresh, local flowers!

You can find our bouquets at:

  • (New in 2018!) Dawson’s Market, 225 N. Washington Street, Rockville, MD www.dawsonsmarket.com
  • Butler’s Orchard, 22222 Davis Mill Road, Germantown, MD www.butlersorchard.com
  • The Common Market Co-op, A full service organic,-co-op grocery store, 5728 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD www.commonmarket.coop
  • Kingsbury’s Orchard, Dickerson, MD  www.kingsburysorchard.com
  • Lewis Orchards, Dickerson  www.lewisorchardfarmmarket.com
  • AND… at Hidden Ridge Farm (our farm!) on Peach Tree Road, Clarksburg, MD on Friday afternoons by appointment for groups of 3 or more (email us for address and directions)




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