From the amount of whining and complaining I have done about the scorching heat in Maryland this summer, you’d never know I was raised in Louisiana and tolerated this kind of heat for 8 months a year. But as the summer comes to a close and shorter days and cooler nights give a hint of fall, I look back on this summer with great satisfaction and just a touch of pride. I’ve learned from mistakes, figured out many things through experimentation and with the online advice of many great people in this business who are amazingly generous with their time and expertise. But mostly — after a tough year last year and relentless heat this summer — have discovered I really love flower farming. For all the weeding, deadheading, and repairing irrigation leaks, there are many more hours of cutting gorgeous flowers and creating great beauty with them. Whether it’s mixed bouquets for the market stores, centerpieces for celebrations of special life events, or the bride’s bouquet for weddings, working with flowers is a joyous thing to do! For that I am grateful, and feeling that maybe flower farming wasn’t crazy after all.

white bouquet Tartiva hydrangeas in compote 1