Dahlias: A great way to wind down the growing season

This time of year is always bittersweet – the beginning of the end of the season for the wide array of beautiful flowers in the field. It’s time to start cleaning up: pulling out annuals, lifting up plastic mulch, rolling up support netting, adding leaves and compost to condition the soil, and dividing perennials. But it’s always nice to have gorgeous, lush, colorful dahlias keeping us company while we put the rest of the fields to bed for the winter.…

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The joy of flowers

From the amount of whining and complaining I have done about the scorching heat in Maryland this summer, you’d never know I was raised in Louisiana and tolerated this kind of heat for 8 months a year. But as the summer comes to a close and shorter days and cooler nights give a hint of fall, I look back on this summer with great satisfaction and just a touch of pride. I’ve learned from mistakes, figured out many things through…

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